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That scientists are inspired by nature?

Those interested in biomimicry and bio-inspiration are familiar with the lotus leaves water droplet repellency effect, more commonly referred to as ‘Hydrophobicity’. This effect, which allows this plant living in an aqueous medium to always remain clean, is regularly cited in scientific communications. This inspiration has enabled the creation of self-cleaning surfaces, passive technologies, which allow significant savings in water and cleaning products.

On the other hand, the fabrication of electronic devices sometimes requires surfaces with an affinity for water, more commonly referred to as a “hydrophilic” surface, in order to improve the processes performance. This is the case for the adhesive and thermal paste dispense: the assembly step which is carried out at C2MI using the Speedline Camalot-FX-D equipment performs better on surfaces which are hydrophilic by allowing the dispersing of the chemical. To obtain such surfaces, plasma treatments are added to the process steps.

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