Using light : A wink to photonics ?

Using light : A wink to photonics ?

The light emitted by the sun, known as white light, constitutes a spectrum ranging from infrared to ultraviolet. The human eye, one of the most complex biosensors, allows us to see only between red and purple thanks to a large number of photoreceptors sensitive to light…

Did you know that at C2MI we can manufacture such sensors with the help of electronic? In fact, we manufacture sensors sensitive to wavelengths that even the eye does not see, such as infrared for example. Much more, it allows the emergence of applications such as the study and manufacture of components allowing the generation, transmission, processing (modulation, amplification) or conversion of optical signals!

This is a very special branch of physics: photonics.

The assembly of these last technological bricks is also one of today’s challenges. Indeed, assembly approaches are historically very manual. And this is precisely one of C2Mi’s expertise, which specializes in the development of automated assembly processes to help the high-volume deployment of optoelectronic components. Thus, C2MI allows the improvement of efficiency for these optical interconnection assembly processes.

And the light came !

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