Knitting is also being practiced in microelectronics!

Knitting is also being practiced in microelectronics!

Did you know that knitting is also being practiced in microelectronics? Indeed, the technique of “wirebonding” is a technique that is very similar to the knitting machines that are used in the textile field, with some variances including the fact that the wire used in microelectronics are either aluminum, copper or gold wire and the fact that the threads are quite thin, about half the diameter of a hair. Wire bonding is used to make the electrical connection between the chip and the circuits.

At C2MI we offer several possibilities of wire outline (ball bonding, wedge bonding, ribbon bonding) and several compositions and wire diameters (gold, copper, aluminum) depending on the requirements of your product.

We also have the opportunity to test the strength of the wires and their attachment with the Dage equipment to ensure the mechanical integrity of your products.

In short, a template specially designed for your product with the best techniques on the market.

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